Episode 01

Arielle (she/her) chats with us about finding the right queer label for her, Trans Awareness Month, and her new blog Trans and Caffeinated. Jenn (and/or Jay!) puts her barista skills to the test.

A repost by Arielle Rebekah Gordon – featured on My Gay Agenda – Episode 54 – November 13 2019.

Episode 02

That’s what happened to Arielle Rebekah Gordon when she started her blog, Trans and Caffeinated. After writing beautiful Instagram captions, on her mother’s urging, Arielle started a blog and shared her experiences working in the hospitality industry and being openly transgender. Since starting her blog, her work has morphed into speaking engagements and her website will soon host a marketplace for queer and trans artists to display and sell their work.

Arielle works for Starbucks and she talks about the importance of signaling that a workplace is a safe space for queer and trans folks to exist. She also advocates for healthcare, and in general, is just very transparent with her life. I wanted to know about her work and about how coffee shops can be better advocates for trans workers. But I also wanted to know what it’s like living in public—what it’s like to be a person who shares their life on media platforms but still works to retain a piece of themselves as they walk through their journey in public. Arielle is easily one of the most talented writers out there, and you will learn something and be inspired by this episode. Here’s Arielle.

A repost by Arielle Rebekah Gordon – featured on Boss Barista Podcast – Arielle Rebekah Gordon Has Great Ideas 103 – March 6 2020

Episode 03

In this episode, I speak to Arielle Gordon of the blog Trans and Caffeinated.
A repost by Arielle Rebekah Gordon – featured on TransActions Podcast – Arielle Rebekah Gordon Episode 002 – February 28 2020.
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