Mana Gummi

Eli Cecil (they/them), also known as Gummi, is a nonbinary artist, writer, and maker of original and fan-related works and is based in Grand Rapids, MI. As a chronically ill, GNC, and autistic artist, Eli strives to create art that evokes empathy and emotion in the viewer while ending on a hopeful, optimistic note. Eli is passionate about advocating for those in the disabled and LGBTQIA+ communities, and firmly believes in a brighter future. Eli operates under the name Mana Gummi Works LLC.

Star Kid

To hold a star in your hand... what would it be like? 

Vinyl sticker. 

©2020 Mana Gummi

Hearts in Tune 

Two hearts are stronger together than apart. 

Digital print. 

©2020 Mana Gummi

Spearmint Stripes 

Cool and soothing, like mint in a good drink! 

Acrylic yarn.

©2020 Mana Gummi

Trans & Caffeinated Consulting
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