Tim Buns (they/them) is a native of Orlando, Florida and now currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. Preferring to go by their last name, Buns is a self-taught artist who became curious about art after becoming interested in comic books at the age of 11. Along with the help of their husband, Buns began attending anime/comic book conventions as an artist alley vendor. Currently, Buns has put their side-business of running an online shop on hold to pursue school full-time. Enamored with the power of visual storytelling, Buns combined their love of creating art and story writing to venture into studying film theory. They hope to re-open their shop and commissions once their school load lessens.


Buttons are one of Buns' favorite things to create for my shop because they are easy to move and are great additions to its bags! Buns loves to use fun shapes (such as the heart shape, like above) to challenge their creative spirit.

©2020 transcoffeeart


Digital illustrative fan artworks are the main pieces of work that they prefer to create. Even though they take much longer to complete, the feeling of accomplishment after finishing a piece is the best reward they could seek. Similar to this piece, they enjoy using dynamic poses to encompass the personality of characters while utilizing backgrounds to highlight the importance of the character’s placement within it.

Digital Illustration.

©2020 transcoffeeart

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