Dark green, light green, and yellow decorate triangles. In one triangle, a breakfast sandwich and a cup of coffee. Text reads "December Updates: Patreon, New Clients, & More. Trans & Caffeinated."

Chilly December Updates: Patreon Relaunch, 2 Exciting New Clients, & More

It has been quite a hectic couple of months over here at Trans & Caffeinated! Since I last wrote, I’ve taken on two new clients, submitted and been accepted to present workshops at Creating Change and SXSW on behalf of Transgender Law Center, and more.  It’s been a wild yet exciting ride! Here are some […]
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Exciting Updates! Trans & Caffeinated’s Arielle Rebekah and Colleagues Submit to SXSW 2024

Plus NGLCC Certification, new course offerings, and more! Happy August! It’s been a wild few months of work and travel here at Trans & Caffeinated. Here are a few updates you may have missed: SXSW Community Voting Round – Vote Before August 20! As part of their commitment to communities, SXSW heavily weighs the community […]
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On the left, a solid blue design featuring a group of people standing inside a coffee mug, the front of the mug reading "Trans Mental Health Fund." The people inside the mug are waving flags and a trans symbol. On the right, a multicolored gradient background with white text reading "Pride Mental Health Fundraiser for Julien & Veronica. On the right is Julien, a white nonbinary person wearing a green beanie, their hand held up in a high five motion above their head. They're holding a yellow mug and a patterned t-shirt. On the left, Veronica, a white trans woman with long blonde hair, sitting in the grass looking joyful.

On the 8th Anniversary of Gay Marriage, Donate to Trans People Directly

8 years ago today, gay marriage became the law of the land.  While this was undoubtedly a joyous moment for so many American families, did you know that when Big Gay™ (AKA all the well-funded LGBQ organizations) decided to focus on passing same-sex marriage, they did so at the expense of issues trans groups had […]
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June 2023: What’s New and Exciting at Trans & Caffeinated

A Free Webinar, Merchandise, & More As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been a bit quiet recently. Behind the scenes, there’s been a lot of exciting changes happening at Trans & Caffeinated and I’m excited to communicate these to you all—especially those of you who’ve been on this journey with me for a […]
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A person wearing a sweater and holding some stickers.

Preorder now! Trans & Caffeinated Exciting 1st Merch Launch.

“Trans is Creation” sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more now available in our shop. Preorders run thru June 15. Get yours today! For people of all genders, discovering who we are is an act of creation. When we begin to divorce our expectations of ourselves from cisnormative demands, that’s where the real magic happens. Trans folks often […]
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Announcing the All New Trans and Caffeinated Podcast, Now Available on Anchor.fm

Episodes will primarily be centered around some aspect of trans existence, or around telling a specific TGNC person’s story.
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Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Image by Leonard Fink.

For Pride 2020, We Must Join Together to Condemn White Supremacy. The First Pride was a Riot, After All.

As you consider your place in supporting the current protests against police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, please remember that the first Pride was a riot.
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Calling All Powerful Trans and Gender Non-conforming Artists!

Attention! Calling all powerful, inspiring, badass TGNC artists! I am beyond stoked to announce my plan to launch the TransFormations Marketplace (TFM) right here on Trans and Caffeinated!
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Tune into Instagram on 2/27 at 5PM EST to watch my speech LIVE!

Hi everybody!! I am VERY excited to announce that THIS Thursday, 2/27 at 5PM, I am going LIVE on Instagram! I am scheduled to speak at the Gender Education and Demystification Symposium (GEMS) in SLC, Utah to address what mental health providers can do to better support transgender clients. I’ll be talking about my childhood, […]
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Welcome BACK to Trans & Caffeinated!

Thank you thank you THANK YOU!
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