Arielle Rebekah

Arielle Rebekah is a transgender activist, writer, and coffee professional aiming to advance transgender inclusivity through the power of storytelling. Born and raised in the Garden State, Arielle recently relocated from Brooklyn, NY to Chicago and is excited to meet all the incredible TGNC folx there.

Some Women Have Penises. Get Over It.

I will never be a cisgender woman, and that’s okay. My womanhood is no less valid than any cisgender woman’s just because I’m trans. My lack of a uterus or vagina, my facial hair growth, my Y chromosome – none of these make me any less woman. Some women have penises, and frankly, it’s time that people get over it.

Transgender Healthcare Is Not Cosmetic. Employers, It’s Time to Offer Comprehensive Care.

Go to bat with insurance companies and demand trans-inclusive healthcare. Make clear to these companies that you will no longer pay into their plans if they decline to offer comprehensive coverage for gender-affirming care. Once you’ve developed a fully accessible, comprehensive benefits package for transgender employees, distribute this information company-wide.


Tune into Instagram on 2/27 at 5PM EST to watch my speech LIVE!

Hi everybody!! I am VERY excited to announce that THIS Thursday, 2/27 at 5PM, I am going LIVE on Instagram! I am scheduled to speak at the Gender Education and Demystification Symposium (GEMS) in SLC, Utah to address what mental health providers can do to better support transgender clients. I’ll be talking about my childhood, …

Tune into Instagram on 2/27 at 5PM EST to watch my speech LIVE! Read More »

Trans Existence and this Crazy Little Thing Called “Passing”

“I dream of a world in which ‘passing’ is a dead concept and people everywhere are simply allowed to be and to live and feel amazing and beautiful and wonderful just the way that they are. Unfortunately, achieving that on a global scale is a long fight away. But on a much smaller scale, each of us has some amount of power in empowering and validating all of our trans siblings.”

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