Jess Snyder (they/them) is an agender and pansexual artist born and raised in New Jersey. They graduated from Centenary University in 2016 with a degree in psychology and a minor in fine arts, though art has always been their biggest passion. They’ve dabbled in a lot of mediums and really enjoy acrylic paint, watercolors, and digital work. Jess lucked out growing up with a mother who heavily stressed the importance of doing what they loved in life and who was always supportive of their artistic endeavors. From November 2018 to November 2019, they took it upon themself to create a series of 21 major arcana tarot cards inspired by the art collective Everything Is Terrible!; this was their biggest project and what they’re currently proudest of. Currently, they’re working on their "Downward Dogs" project, creating cute and macabre images involving dogs you'd find in your nightmares. Many of their current pieces are for sale on shirts, accessories, and more at, though they are available to make custom pieces in acrylic or watercolor paints.


One of the earliest in their Downward Dogs series and took them the longest to complete. They noticed a lot of occult or macabre things for sale online happened to revolve around cats. No offense to any of their cat friends, but they have never really been able to connect to cats. They grew up around dogs and have always been inspired by them. In this piece, they combined their love of cute dogs with their love of horror! This piece is acrylic on 3'x4' canvas and available for sale for $350. Inquiries can be via email.

Acrylic on Canvas.

©2020 DownwardDogs

Falling Apart

Started as a doodle on a piece of cardboard while at work! They originally titled this image "Self Portrait", as it summed up some of their struggles with mental health. It evolved over the course of a few weeks from a small doodle bouncing around their work bag to being scanned and digitally colored. This piece is available on shirts, stickers, and more on

Digital Illustration.

©2020 DownwardDogs 

The World (2019)

The final piece of Jess' "Everything Is Terrible!"-inspired major arcana deck. While working on it, they got to know the members of EIT! and they wanted to show their appreciation for their hard work. The entire 21 card set is painted entirely in watercolor and took place over the course of one year. "The World" symbolizes closure. This card showed them that they could complete such a huge project, that they could do anything they put their mind to no matter the struggle. This piece is currently not for sale.


©2020 DownwardDogs

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