Trans & Caffeinated is a communications consulting company offering services aimed toward the liberation of all transgender people, including:

Podcasting and Audio Storytelling
Research and Data Collection
Narrative Strategy
Project Management
Event Planning
Group Facilitation
Public Speaking
Workplace Training and Education
& more.

Vision Statement

I know
our path to collective liberation involves many people playing many different parts.

I believe our work is most effective when every individual takes the time to learn how to leverage our unique talents and passions to build more sustainable, powerful movements. 

I dream of a world where all people have access to the tools and resources they need to not just survive but truly thrive.

I envision a world free from prisons, policing, and all forms of oppression and violence and believe that world is within our grasp.

I trust that together, we have the power to create it.

Four Pillars

These pillars are the north star that guide my work.

If these principles resonate with you, too, drop a line below.

I. Wealth Redistribution,

through mutual aid and fundraisers, putting money directly into the hands of community leaders and marginalized people who need it.

II. Storytelling & Narrative Change,

the power of empathy and giving trans people agency over how our stories are told.

III. Relinquishing Shame,

and examining how guilt and shame hold us back from being effective allies.

IV. Resources & Education,

empowering trans folks, families, and communities with the tools, resources, and knowledge we need to affect change within and around us.

A person wearing a sweater and holding some stickers.

Preorder now! Trans & Caffeinated Exciting 1st Merch Launch.

“Trans is Creation” sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more now available in our shop. Preorders run thru June 15. Get yours today! For people of all genders, discovering who we are is an act of creation. When we begin to divorce our expectations of ourselves from cisnormative demands, that’s where the real magic happens. Trans folks often …

Preorder now! Trans & Caffeinated Exciting 1st Merch Launch. Read More »

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Announcing the All New Trans and Caffeinated Podcast, Now Available on Anchor.fm

Episodes will primarily be centered around some aspect of trans existence, or around telling a specific TGNC person’s story.
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Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson. Image by Leonard Fink.

For Pride 2020, We Must Join Together to Condemn White Supremacy. The First Pride was a Riot, After All.

As you consider your place in supporting the current protests against police brutality and the Black Lives Matter movement, please remember that the first Pride was a riot.
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TransFormations Marketplace

TransFormations Marketplace was born out of the realization that there are a million equally impactful ways to highlight transgender visibility. Though my preferred medium is written word, I recognize that this is far from true of every creator. 

Trans & Caffeinated Consulting
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