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LGBTQ Nation

Celebrate the victory & dream for the future. The SCOTUS ruling is only the beginning.

Barista Magazine

10 Minutes with Casey Chartier-Vignapiano

Maintaining a Coffee Community During COVID-19

The Rise of Alternative Coffee Businesses


GLAAD Denounces Attorney General Jeff Sessions' announcement of a 'Religious Liberty' Task Force

GLAAD Issues First-Ever 'Electing Acceptance' Candidate Survey to Measure LGBTQ Acceptance Among 2018 Federal and State Candidates

Remembering Pulse: The Dru Project Holds Its Second Annual Memorial Event

When will it end?: Documenting the U.S. epidemic of anti-trans homicide in 2017

American Voters Say No to Trump's Anti-LGBTQ Agenda

Glitter Cat Barista

SERIES | Under a Microscope: On Queer and Trans Harassment Within the Service Industry


Support Transgender and Non-Binary Excellence in Coffee

In Chicago, Ebony Blue’s Southside Grinds Shines

Halloween Fiction: Rise Of The RoBarista

Mushroom Coffee Is Having A Moment

The Future of Trans and Nonbinary Excellence in Coffee

Trade Coffee

How to Choose the Right Pour Over Brewer

What Is Cold Brew, Really?

You Actually Don't Have to Drink Black Coffee

5 Inventive Ways to Repurpose Your Grounds

Unite UK

Arielle Rebekah's Coming Out Story

Branded Content

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Plume | TDOV 2021, community ambassador post

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California Psychics | services advertisement

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Premera Blue Cross |  2020 open enrollment

Do Better Folks | t-shirt ad

Pulse | Warming System

My LBDO: Essensual Vibe reel


More Than a Number: Shifting the Media Narrative on Transgender Homicides

Journalist Resource Series:

Roots of Anti-Trans Violence Reports:

Trans & Caffeinated Consulting
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