Darcy Convocar (they/them) is a queer Filipino non-binary freelance illustrator based in the NJ/NY area. They graduated from Pratt Institute with a degree in Communications Design in 2018. Growing up as a queer trans person of color, there were not many spaces where they felt safe to be themselves, but art has always provided a refuge and a voice when they felt they had neither. Darcy is passionate about helping to create the inclusive spaces they were denied as a child and using their art to showcase and celebrate diversity within the LGBT+ community. They are also extremely passionate about rabbits.

I Fell In Love In Juvie Hall (2019)

Depicts the two romantic leads from Joe Iconis' 2019 musical, Love in Hate Nation. This musical resonated with Darcy as someone who sits at the intersection of brown and queer, so they felt compelled to make something for it.

Digital illustration made in Photoshop.

©2019 NonBunnaryArt

Tranquility (2018)

Made for an Inktober 2018 prompt of the same name.

Acrylic Ink on Bristol.

©2018 NonBunnaryArt

Stickers and Buttons

Stickers are printed on matte vinyl and are on average around 3" x 3".

The pinback buttons are 2.28" in diameter with a metal body, a plastic baseplate, and a protective sheet of mylar over the design.

©2020 NonBunnaryArt

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