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Preorder now! Trans & Caffeinated Exciting 1st Merch Launch.

“Trans is Creation” sweatshirts, t-shirts, and more now available in our shop. Preorders run thru June 15. Get yours today! For people of all genders, discovering who we are is an act of creation. When we begin to divorce our expectations of ourselves from cisnormative demands, that’s where the real magic happens. Trans folks often […]
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ID: Arielle, a white trans woman with purple hair, lies in a hospital bed hooked up to several machines.]

A Bottom Surgery Chronicle: All My Dysphoric + Euphoric Musings on Vaginoplasty, 2019-Present

This post chronicles every thought I've shared about bottom surgery on Instagram, beginning 2 years prior to surgery with my consultation all the way to today.
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Arielle, a white trans woman with medium-length brown hair, holds two orange CVS pill bottles in front of her. She smiles and holds her body on an angle. She's inside of a Starbucks, standing in front of a wall stocked with bags of coffee.

On Trans Feminine Healthcare: 5+ Super Relevant Tidbits the Doc Failed to Mention

Relevant information, tips, and tricks that I’ve learned by navigating medical transition as a trans feminine non-binary person. Some of this information is also relevant to trans masculine and/or other non-binary experiences (in many of the examples I list, trans masculine folks experience a near inverse of what I describe), while some is far too specific to be applicable.
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4 Months to Bottom Surgery: On Gaslighting, Agonizing Self-Doubt, & An Eye-Opening Therapy Session

This post is a candid, raw, and vulnerable account of my doubts and fears surrounding bottom surgery. Potential triggers include gaslighting, genital mention, bottom surgery/vaginoplasty, cissexism, and dismissal of trans identity.
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Arielle at Jacob Riis Park, a queer, trans, and POC community beach in Queens, NY.

My 1st Summer at Riis: How a Queer and Trans (Topless) Beach Taught Me To Love My Trans Body

Last summer, a close friend introduced me to the clothing-optional, veritable queer and trans safe haven that is Jacob Riis Park.
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A Powerful Gender Renaissance: On Continuing to Explore my Gender, 5 years into Transition

By failing to unlearn the gender binary, our peers preclude our ability to imagine any identity or form of expression outside of this restrictive conception of existence.
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Spotlight on Petal: On Loving God and Being Non-Binary

I am a non-binary, pansexual human, and I love Jesus. It took me a long time to come to the notion that it is okay to feel both so in love with God, but not comfortable in one binary gender or the other.
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Healthcare is a Basic Human Right. Here Are 9 Ways You Can Support the Trans Community Today.

The Trump administration has reversed an Obama-era ACA guidance that extended healthcare nondiscrimination protections to transgender and LGBQ+ individuals.
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Introducing the TransFormations Marketplace: The 1st Free Digital Space for Inspiring, Bad*** TGNC Creators and Art Lovers

The TransFormations Marketplace highlights the work of trans and gender non-conforming artists, celebrating their incredible ability to transform our culture.
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Some Women Have Penises. Get Over It.

I will never be a cisgender woman, and that’s okay. My womanhood is no less valid than any cisgender woman’s just because I’m trans. My lack of a uterus or vagina, my facial hair growth, my Y chromosome - none of these make me any less woman. Some women have penises, and frankly, it’s time that people get over it.
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Spotlight On Em Rabelais: Transgender in the Early Era of SARS-COV-2

Your Co-Morbidity Is My Normative Reality: Transgender in the Early Era of SARS-COV-2
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6 Inspiring TGNC Folx Share How Visibility Paves the Way to a Transer Future

"That is the dream; that through our continued visibility, through our adamant refusal to be erased, ignored, swept aside or forgotten, society will be forced to reckon with their feelings about TGNC folx."
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Transgender Healthcare Is Not Cosmetic. Employers, It’s Time to Offer Comprehensive Care.

Go to bat with insurance companies and demand trans-inclusive healthcare. Make clear to these companies that you will no longer pay into their plans if they decline to offer comprehensive coverage for gender-affirming care. Once you've developed a fully accessible, comprehensive benefits package for transgender employees, distribute this information company-wide.
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Fostering a Trans-Inclusive Therapeutic Environment: A Client Perspective

Believe us, support us, and help us grow. That is what the trans community needs from you. Our community is asking for your help. The question is -- are you listening?
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When You Say that We’re “Asking for Too Much Too Fast”

Increased understanding and acceptance of marginalized folx may begin with the work of activists, but it most certainly ends with the work of allies -- in order for transgender acceptance to advance, allies must listen to and learn about the transgender commmunity.
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The Nurturing, Inspiring Power of a Trans Community

I could not be where I am today -- personally, professionally, any of it -- without the endless support and guidance of my incredible community.
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Being Trans Does Not Mean I Have To Perform Emotional Labor For Free

"People will become educated if they want to be educated. People will become better allies if they want to become better allies. People openly making discriminatory comments or asking me invasive questions are not asking to be educated, nor have they earned my labor."
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This Trans Day of Remembrance, Take Action to Honor Those We Have Lost

"And why aren't we doing more to protect our trans siblings while they're alive in hopes that there comes a November 20th when there are no names left to read?"
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I Always Knew She Was My Sister: On Loving My Transgender Sibling

"I’ve had people ask me how I “dealt with it,” but I can honestly say that it has never been something I’ve had to “deal with.” It was a process through which I had to support my sister – period."
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Powerful Lessons I’ve Learned About Trans Advocacy and Education in the Workplace

"Slowly, I began to weave advocacy for my community into my work as a barista, first through offering resources and information to those who needed these and more recently by hosting trans literacy trainings."
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Trans Identity Through a Mother’s Eyes: Learning to Celebrate my Transgender Daughter

"Many people have congratulated me on handling this so well. They say, 'I don't know if I could have done it.' Emphatically, I respond, 'Yes, you would! If you love your child and want to keep them in your life, you would. It's that simple, though admittedly not easy.'"
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Dating While Trans Feminine: The Troubling, Often Demoralizing Reality

"Though most adults will acknowledge that dating is frustrating and a bit exhausting, there is an additional level of complexity for transgender people that stems from our identity."
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Trans Existence and this Crazy Little Thing Called “Passing”

"I dream of a world in which 'passing' is a dead concept and people everywhere are simply allowed to be and to live and feel amazing and beautiful and wonderful just the way that they are. Unfortunately, achieving that on a global scale is a long fight away. But on a much smaller scale, each of us has some amount of power in empowering and validating all of our trans siblings."
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The Number 1 Most Powerful Tool In Our Transgender Arsenal

"Years of powerful, inspiring, authentic queer people rising up against an oppressive cishetero patriarchy and coming out in spite of overwhelming hatred has brought us here. Let's do them justice and fight for a better future for the queer folks of tomorrow by continuing to tell our stories."
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“You Don’t Look Transgender!” and Other Micro-Aggressions to Avoid

"When other people witness us facing these aggressions in a single fleeting instance, they may interpret our reactions as overreactions. But micro-aggressions rarely occur as isolated incidents. Instead, they occur as frequent and ongoing frustrations and triggers that wear us down over time as we battle to live our everyday lives."
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Trans Identity and a Lifelong Struggle with Mental Illness

"Yet, in a powerful testament to the strength and resilience of our community, we still exist. We persist. And in supportive environments, we thrive."
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10 Things I Love about Being Transgender

"Transgender people have to fight like hell, every single day, simply for the right to exist and to be who we are. And if this doesn't make transgender people just about the most badass people in the world, I don't know what does."
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You’re “Really Trans” Now! Congrats on the New Vagina!

The validity of a transgender person's identity is rooted solely in their telling you that they are transgender.
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