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  • Brit Alexandria (they/them) on writing a novel, being “a lot,” and The Non-Binary Barista September 25, 2021
    A full transcript of this episode is now available at transandcaffeinated.com/transcripts Payment | Venmo: @bloggerbrit Social | Twitter: @bloggerbrit Instagram: @bloggerbrit Links | Buy Brit’s novel: All We’ve Ever Done Brit’s blog: The Non-Binary Barista The Twelfth Annual Sprudgie Award Nominations Umeko Moyotoshi’s "A Better Table" interview with Alice Wong Umeko Moyotoshi Alice Wong Background […]
  • SPECIAL EDITION: I Went to NYU Langone and All I Got was this Brand New Pu$$y September 11, 2021
    Oh hey, there. You’re pretty cute. Haven’t seen you around here before… Heh heh, come here often? Oh, you work here? So you’re here to stay? Oh fuck yeah, they fired the other guy? Honestly, I never liked him—yeah, what was his name… Uhh… what was that? Oh, yeah, Penis, that’s right, Penis used to […]
  • M-A Reida (they/them) on being present, saying “I love you,” and saying it often August 28, 2021
    SOCIAL | IG/Twitter: @meghanannette PAYMENT | Ca$happ: $MeghanAnnette Venmo: @mrsgoodwin LINKS | Likewise Coffee Canary Coffee Bar US Coffee Championships World Barista Championships Coffee and Good Spirits Glitter Cat bootcamps Glitter Cat DiGiTiTiON Cup Taster’s DiGiTiTiON Getchu Some Gear Black and White Coffee Q Grader Certification BACKGROUND | If you’re a coffee person like myself...which […]
  • Morgan Dean (they/them) on drinking water, touching plants, and dancing in the rain August 14, 2021
    A full transcript of this episode is now available at https://transandcaffeinated.com/transcripts/ LINKS | Hudson Valley Amps, Facebook/Instagram www.morganrosedean.com SOCIAL | IG: @_morgandean_ Twitter: @_morgandean_ INFO | Like many millennials, Morgan Dean grew up in a world controlled by a generation who were taught that feelings are private, and mental illness is shameful. As a child […]
  • Charli Mandel (she/they) on the World’s VERY FIRST Fixed Gear Brakeless Everesting July 31, 2021
    A transcript of this episode is now available at transandcaffeinated.com/transcripts/ PAYMENT | Venmo: @charli-mandel SOCIAL | IG: @gnarli_xcx LINKS | Documentary: Fixed up - A Terrible Idea Cycling Tips Article: Everesting on a Fixie with a Hormone Headwind ABOUT | It’s hard to know which one Charli Mandel learned first: how to walk, or how […]
  • Chris Mcauley (he/they) on wacky animals, the new Double Bubble, and Getchu Some Gear February 27, 2021
    PAYMENT Venmo: @bleeeeeez SOCIAL IG: @Getchu some gear  Twitter: @Getchu some gear ABOUT Bok bok. Who’s there? Chris Mcauley. Chris Mcauley who? Did you know that Chris Mcauley has chickens? It’s definitely not the coolest thing about him, but it’s up there. Chris Mcauley is the founder of Getchu Some Gear, which he launched a […]
  • Mx. Lex Pe’er Horwitz (they/them) on dismantling the road maps of gender transition February 13, 2021
    When is the last time you laid down on your bed with a sweet, purring cat curled up on your chest, took a long, deep breath, and remembered to forget the world, if only for a moment? If your answer is “never” or “I can’t remember,” then take a second—if you can—to do that right […]
  • Felix Tran (he/they) on cancel culture, being horny, and softvelvetboy January 30, 2021
    Have you heard of Felix Tran? ...no? Well, that’s surprising! Felix is a Seattle-based, Vietnamese-American, transgender artist voted most likely to have huge bursts of energy at 1:00 AM and work until 5:00. A little under two years ago, Felix co-founded and designed a logo for Coffee at Large—or “CAL”—which launched with a barista-led coffee-shop […]
  • Cheyenne Xochítl Love (she/her) on rejecting your bullshit “inclusive” paradigm January 16, 2021
    It’s never easy to navigate the dichotomy of upholding anti-capitalist principles and beliefs while running a for-profit business—but Cheyenne Xochítl Love remains mindful of this balance, while learning new skills along the way. Cheyenne is the Indigenous, two-spirit, non-binary trans girl behind Queer Wave Coffee, where she roasts Honduran coffee on Chochenyo Ohlone land or […]
  • Mar León (they/them, fae/femme) on being the monster that’s under your bed January 2, 2021
    Mar León is a lot like nature: their gender cycles with the passage of each season, they are justifiably angry about the impact of capitalism, and they are tired of white people-centric approaches to problem-solving. Mar is raising their voice and fighting for justice in the face of oppressive systems designed to disempower their communities. […]
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