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  • Chris Mcauley (he/they) on wacky animals, the new Double Bubble, and Getchu Some Gear February 27, 2021
    PAYMENT Venmo: @bleeeeeez SOCIAL IG: @Getchu some gear  Twitter: @Getchu some gear ABOUT Bok bok. Who’s there? Chris Mcauley. Chris Mcauley who? Did you know that Chris Mcauley has chickens? It’s definitely not the coolest thing about him, but it’s up there. Chris Mcauley is the founder of Getchu Some Gear, which he launched a […]
  • Mx. Lex Pe’er Horwitz (they/them) on dismantling the road maps of gender transition February 13, 2021
    When is the last time you laid down on your bed with a sweet, purring cat curled up on your chest, took a long, deep breath, and remembered to forget the world, if only for a moment? If your answer is “never” or “I can’t remember,” then take a second—if you can—to do that right […]
  • Felix Tran (he/they) on cancel culture, being horny, and softvelvetboy January 30, 2021
    Have you heard of Felix Tran? ...no? Well, that’s surprising! Felix is a Seattle-based, Vietnamese-American, transgender artist voted most likely to have huge bursts of energy at 1:00 AM and work until 5:00. A little under two years ago, Felix co-founded and designed a logo for Coffee at Large—or “CAL”—which launched with a barista-led coffee-shop […]
  • Cheyenne Xochítl Love (she/her) on rejecting your bullshit “inclusive” paradigm January 16, 2021
    It’s never easy to navigate the dichotomy of upholding anti-capitalist principles and beliefs while running a for-profit business—but Cheyenne Xochítl Love remains mindful of this balance, while learning new skills along the way. Cheyenne is the Indigenous, two-spirit, non-binary trans girl behind Queer Wave Coffee, where she roasts Honduran coffee on Chochenyo Ohlone land or […]
  • Mar León (they/them, fae/femme) on being the monster that’s under your bed January 2, 2021
    Mar León is a lot like nature: their gender cycles with the passage of each season, they are justifiably angry about the impact of capitalism, and they are tired of white people-centric approaches to problem-solving. Mar is raising their voice and fighting for justice in the face of oppressive systems designed to disempower their communities. […]
  • Em Rabelais (they/themme, fae/femme) on white feminist violence in nursing December 19, 2020
    Em Rabelais is the white, disabled, queer, trans feminine, and non-binary ethicist, nurse, scholar, white feminism dismantler, and potential kept themmebian you never knew you needed. Until now. WHOOO that was a mouthful. As an academic, their scholarship is rooted in disrupting and dismantling white supremacy in nursing—but Em’s work doesn’t end there. They are […]
  • Faith (she/her) on freedom, self-discovery, and Wish Me Luck Tattoo December 5, 2020
    Faith woke up one morning with a single thought weighing heavy on her mind: “I don’t even know who I am.” For years, she internalized the resounding sentiment of those around her that it was not okay to be herself - until one day, she came to a crossroads wherein she could no longer bear […]
  • Mya Petsche (she/her) on loving yourself and others November 21, 2020
    Growing up in a conservative, evangelical home, Mya suspected that coming out as trans could mean parting ways with her parents. However, she firmly rejected the notion that it was her responsibility to adjust to the comfort of those around her. She felt, rather, that it was their responsibility to adjust and accept her for […]
  • Fiora Wise (she/her) on Being Pretty but Also Kind of a Bada** November 7, 2020
    Like many trans people, Fiora spent her formative years consuming media where cisgender actors repeatedly played transgender characters, usually in a very unflattering light. After her marriage ended, Fiora relocated to New York City and enrolled in an acting class. Suddenly and to her initial surprise, she found herself surrounded by queer and trans actors, […]
  • Jesse Lee-Young (they/them) on That Good Gay Manga October 24, 2020
    As a child, Jesse found respite from their religiously conservative community within the pages of manga. Hidden in those words and images were tales of unapologetic queer love that affirmed their identity, even when their family would not. Jesse always knew that they felt attraction to people of different genders, and when they first heard […]
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