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Exciting Updates! Trans & Caffeinated’s Arielle Rebekah and Colleagues Submit to SXSW 2024

Plus NGLCC Certification, new course offerings, and more!

Happy August! It’s been a wild few months of work and travel here at Trans & Caffeinated. Here are a few updates you may have missed:

SXSW Community Voting Round – Vote Before August 20!

As part of their commitment to communities, SXSW heavily weighs the community voting round in deciding which panels will be included at their annual convening. 

This year, founder Arielle Rebekah joined renowned journalists Serena Daniari and Serena Sonoma in submitting 2 panel proposals, which aim to educate current and aspiring journalists on responsible reporting on anti-trans violence. At a time where anti-trans violence and anti-trans rhetoric are at an all-time high, this panel is more needed than ever.

As you might expect, selection is super competitive—but if selected, this would be a major opportunity for all involved. If you can, please take a few moments right now to vote. The website will ask you to register, but rest assured it only takes a minute total!

Below is a course description:

Historically, the relationship between the trans community and the media has been troubled. In this panel, we will address a critical issue: the reporting of anti-trans violence. By training journalism students to adopt contextualized, humanizing storytelling that highlights resilience and focuses on systemic violence instead of interpersonal incidents, we can reshape public discourse. We will bring together experts to explore strategies for reporting on anti-trans violence with sensitivity and accuracy, providing folks with tools to cover traumatic events responsibly and repair trust.

Trans & Caffeinated is NGLCC Certified!

Y’all, we are officially gay here at Trans & Caffeinated! The National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce has given us their stamp of approval. If you aren’t familiar, this is actually a huge deal. A lot of major corporations specifically seek out working with certified minority-owned businesses, and now Trans & Caffeinated will officially be in the mix here.

If you work for a corporation seeking trans-focused DEI workplace training, look no further! Trans & Caffeinated is at your service.


And that brings us to…

New DEI Course Offerings!

I’ve spent a great deal of time developing DEI training series, and I’m excited to unveil my very first completed series! This series is 4-5 courses, depending whether your organizations needs a Trans 101 training, and includes the following sessions:

  1. Transgender at Work: What’s Your Role in the Movement?
    1. Outlines various roles individuals can play to support transgender people within and outside of the workplace, and supports them in considering how they can contribute.
  2. The Shame Problem: Honing in on Effective Internal Motivators
    1. Who among us has ever been made to feel guilty or ashamed that you’re not doing enough for marginalized communities? Guilt and shame are ineffective, unsustainable motivators. This course helps us move beyond these to discover what intrinsically drives us to do good.
  3. Ally vs. Accomplice: On Showing up with Action for Transgender Colleagues
    1. Encourages participants to move beyond passive allyship to become more active in their role as accomplices in transgender liberation.
  4. Generative Conflict: Brave Spaces, Call-Ins, and the Path to Growth

If you’re interested in offering these courses at your organization, please contact Arielle Rebekah at ArielleRebekah [at] outlook [dot] com

Trans Is Creation Merch is Back in Stock!

Following a successful preorder run (thanks y’all for your incredible generosity and support!), Trans Is Creation merch is now here to stay. If you weren’t able to scoop a preorder, never fear—you can order your t-shirts, sweatshirts, stickies, and prints today and forevermore! 

That’s all for now! Thanks for giving this a read.

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