Announcing the All New Trans and Caffeinated Podcast, Now Available on

Cheers, queers! Today, You Can Finally Hear the Trans and Caffeinated Podcast!

Today marks the official launch of the Trans and Caffeinated podcast.  Let me just say, I am super duper excited for this new endeavor and for the type of content this platform will allow me to share with you all.

I started this blog about a year ago, with the idea of sharing stories about my transition and lessons I’ve learned from existing in society as a transgender woman. As time went on, I became acutely aware that written word, while comfortable for me, is not everyone’s preferred medium to consume nor to create. I realized that having this as a sole platform unintentionally created a barrier to the range of perspectives I am able to share and the audiences I am able to reach.

The interview format of the podcast will allow me to loop in different perspectives to each episode and elevate a wider variety of trans and gender non-conforming folx; folx who may feel more comfortable speaking than writing. The audio format will help their perspectives to reach an audience that may be less likely to sit down and read a 1500 word blog post every week than they are to listen to an hour-long podcast.

Episodes will primarily be centered around some aspect of trans existence, or around telling a specific TGNC person’s story. Under very select circumstances, I may have a cisgender person on the show, but only if that person can share particular expertise on a topic that may be useful for trans or gender non-conforming folx to hear. 

I have guests lined up for the first few episodes, but I’d love to hear from some of you. Perhaps you’d like to share your coming out story? Perhaps you’ve experienced significant barriers to transgender healthcare that you’d like to discuss? Or maybe you’re a trans activist and you’d like to talk about your work? The possibilities are endless, and my goal is to create space for as many different perspectives as possible within the scope of trans identity and existence.

If you’re not ready to appear on an episode, but would like a way to support this work, I’d super appreciate if you would consider joining my Patreon, which gets you early access to all episodes, social media shoutouts, fun Trans and Caffeinated gifts, and more. I also totally understand that finances are limited, and if you aren’t in a position to donate, you can follow Trans and Caffeinated on Instagram and on Facebook, and subscribe to this website using the form at the bottom of this page.

For now, this podcast is only available on Anchor, but episodes will eventually be distributed across a multitude of streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, and more.

You can also listen to the intro episode and first full episode here.

To a transer future.

When Sophie Kozub was growing up, she often felt out of place – she was a legacy student in an all boys’ catholic school, a long-time Boy Scout, lined up with the boys when she knew she should be in line with other girls. Though she found subtle ways to transgress the confines of her prescribed roles in high school, it wasn’t until college that she truly allowed herself to break from masculinity.

As she rowed through the uncertain waters of her gender, she tried on a number of labels to find one that worked for her, increasingly thriving as she did. As she prepared to leave the queer utopia of college, Sophie was unexpectedly named her class’s valedictorian and was featured in a New York Times article on trans New Yorkers.

Sophie is kinder, wiser, and more insightful than many her age. She is powerfully candid with her story, and speaks of her experience with a level of insight that has and will continue to touch the lives of many. 

This is Sophie Kozub, on why it’s okay to take your time.

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